February 2019


Natasaarvabhowma is Puneeth Rajkumar’s first movie of the year 2019 and is directed by Pavan Wadeyar. Along with Puneeth Rajkumar, you will also see Rachita Ram and Anupama Parmeshwaram in the lead roles. Puneet is playing a journalist named Gagan Dixit who comes to Bengaluru. During his tenure in Bengaluru Gagan befriends a central minister and ends up living in a haunted house. This movie is about how a supernatural power forces Gagan fulfill the work against his wish. Also, Natasaaarvabhowma has done great in the Kannada Box Office by grossing 56 Cr in total.

Kirik Love Story

Kirik Love Story is a dubbed version of Oru Addar Love in Kannada. This is a romantic drama movie about a school student. The lead characters of this movie are Priya Prakash Varrier and Roshan Abdul Rahoof. Kirik Love Story is about school friends and their love story that will bring a lot of memory from your old time.

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Chambal is a suspense thriller movie directed by Jacob Varghese, whereas in the lead role is Ninasam Satish. This movie is about an IAS officer who gets posted in Karnataka in the post of District commissioner. He aims to bring change in the system by making a corruption free country. Due to his nature, everyone else becomes his enemy and plans to bring him down. This is his journey to fight with the system alone and bring change to it.

Kaddu Mucchi 

Kaddu Mucchi is love drama movie about a rich guy who falls in love with a girl he meets in a village. Everything in their life is perfect until a misunderstanding brings a lot of trouble. However, they manage to get back together giving a happy ending to the movie.


Striker is a thriller action movie directed by Pawan Trivikram. Also, the movie features Praveen Tej, Saurav Lokesh, and Shilpa Manjunath in the lead role. The geek community around the world loves this movie. This movie is a story about a murder in which an innocent man gets involved. Now, he is in a journey to find the culprit so that he can prove his innocence.

Kalbettada Darodekoraru

Kalbettada Darodekoraru is another  Action thriller Kannada movie which is directed by Deepak Madhuvannnahali. This movie is a story between Handaodo village people and dacoits from Kallabetta Hill. Even after several complaints, the police are not able to do anything against the dacoits. Hence, to stop this the villagers decides to fight against the dacoits.

Yaarige Yaaruntu

Yaarige Yaaruntu is a comedy Kannada movie featuring Oeata Prashanth and Lekha Chandra on the lead role. The movie is about a Hospital Wardboy known for his good behavior. Earlier he was making love with 2 nurses but falls in love with the new Doctor in the Hospital.  Now, when he finally goes to propose her the 2 nurses becomes an obstacle in his love life. This later turns into a comedy love story about how Chiranjeevi (Wardboy) will convey his love to the doctor.

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