March 2019


Yajamana is an Action Drama Movie which is been directed by  V. Harikrishna and Pon Kumaran. The movie showcase Darshan in the lead role as a local villager and a small businessman. Everything in his life is working fine until his old enemy now a big businessman comes to the village claim Darshan’s business as his own. Late, Darshan has to fight to get his business back Devi Shetty. During this journey, he has to face a lot of ups and downs.


Kavaludaari is a suspense Kannada thriller movie, which is directed by Hemanth Rao. This movie is based on a story of 2 cops from Bangalore who plans to open an old case. It seems that the case involves a lot of big people. After reopening the case, both the police officers have to go through a lot of problems. But in the end, the case ends when the main culprit gets arrested.


Jagamalla is a dubbed version of the known Movie Viswasam featuring Ajit in the lead role. This movie is about a local villager who meets his missing daughter after 8 years. But happiness does not seem to be there for a long time. Eventually, his enemies kidnap her daughter so that they can acquire the land of his village. Now he has an option to either save her daughter or save his villagers.

Face 2 Face

Face 2 Face is a romantic thriller movie which talks about a love triangle. The three main characters of this movie Santosh, Sneha, and Preethi are good friends. Later when Santosh realizes that leaving Preethi was big mistake goes on a journey to get her back. This is Santosh journey to solve the mystery of his life.


Girgitle is an action drama movie about 3 friends which and this movie directed by Ravi Kiran.  These three friends want to rule the underground world, hence join a local gang. During this journey, they come across a lot of bad situation putting their life at risk. Harishchandra another character in this movie plans

Ammana Mane

Ammana Mane is a Kannada movie based on a novel written by Srilatha. This movie is based on a mother’s story who is left by his husband. Now they are fighting against the court for justice. This is a journey of a son who is now paying the debt of everything his mother has sacrificed for. This is a must watch a movie that highlights the importance of mothers ion today’s generation.

Gosi Gang

Gosi Gang is a comedy-drama movie about three friends Ajay, Rohit, and Manchanta. Everything in their life is fine until they get involved in a fight with a local gang name “Gaso Gang”. Since they have to face a lot of trouble saving their life from the Gosi gang. During this, a lot of comedy scenes happens.

Ondh Kathe Hella

Ondh kathe hella is a horror movie about 5 friends who plan for a road trip from Bangalore to Sakaleshpur. During this trip, they come across a lot of paranormal activities that makes their trip worst. The lead roles played by Thandav Ram, Karthik Rao, Shakthi Somanna, and Pratheek will have to find a way to get out this ghost.

Ibbaru Students Journey

Ibbaru Students Journey is a romantic drama movie directed by Vemuganti. This movie showcases a traditional love story that happens in the train. As usual, it is a one-sided love story and the girl gets impressed when a hero saves her from the villains. Even they plan to get married the fight of getting settled in America or India becomes an issue in their love life.

Badri vs Madhumati

Badri vs Madhumati is a Drama movie directed by Shankar Narayan Reddy. This movie is an unfinished love story about a military man who gets called to attend a surgical strick just a moment before he was about to propose. Also, the movie has a lot of action sequel that takes place when Badri (Main character) involves saving his friend.

Nannu Nammudgi Kharchgond

Nannu Nammudgi Kharchgond is a movie showcasing fight against the crime rate in India. This movie is especially talking about how Rape scenes in increasing in India. Whereas the police are hunting of the mafia but do not succeed. Now the local people plan to take action to kill the mafia. This movie gives a social message about how people can change society and bring the Mafia down.

Dk Bose

DK Bose is a romance, action movie about a local smuggler and his love story. The local smuggler smuggles fake diamonds to the mafia which later becomes a huge problem. During this, DK Bose (the smuggler) falls in love with Preeti, but that does not seems well. Later his life changes when he gets involved in a fight with the mafia to save his love.

Adachanegaagi kshamisi

Adachanegaagi Kshamisi is a horror Kanna movie directed by S.Bharat Navunda, starring  Pradeep Varma and Suresh Heblikar in the lead roles. This is a pure horror about a couple of people visiting a villa and gets killed one after the another.

Badri vs Madhumati

Badri vs Madhumati is an action romantic Kannada Movie directed by Shankar Narayan Reddy. In the lead role of the movie is, Prathapawan and Akanksha. The movie is about army officer Badri falls in love with Madhumati. The only problem he faces is to convey his love to her.


Chanaksha is an action drama movie directed by Mahesh Chinmai starring Dharma Keertiraj and Archana Rao.  This movie is about Shiva Rudraiah is known to solve the problem of people. The twist in the come comes when everyone gets to know that Shiva’s mission. Shiva is in a journey to avenge his father’s death by finding the person behind this.


Udgharsha Movie is directed by Sunil Kumar Desai and produced by Devaraj. R under the D Creations banner. The film’s background score was composed by Sanjoy Chowdhury, while the movie edited by B.S. Kemparaju. It is the story of how the hero saves her from the clutches of the villain, she added. She hoped that the audience would definitely enjoy the film as the producer took a lot of pains in making it.

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