Top Kannada Comedy Movies 2018

Raju Kannada Medium

Gurunandan 2018 movie Raju Kannada Medium is one of the best movies released on 19 January 2018 directed as well as written by Naresh Kumar, and produced by K. A. Suresh. Also, music by Kiran Ravindranath, the cinematography is done by Shekar Chandra and edited by Giri Mahesh.

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Rajaratha is a film of Nirup Bhandari and Avantika Shetty, written and directed by Anup Bhandari and produced by Ajay Reddy, Vishu Dahappagari, Anju Vallabh, & Sathish Sastry. The movie is released on 23 March 2018 with 143 minutes of running time.

Raambo 2

Raambo 2 is a Kannada comedy film released on 18 May 2018, directed as well as written by Anil Kumar and produced by Atlanta Nagendra Sharan. Arjun Janya composed the music, Sudhakar S. Raj has created the cinematography and edited by K. M. Prakash.

Victory 2

Victory 2 is an Indian Kannada comedy movie of Sharan and Asmita Sood. This film was directed by Hari Santhosh, produced by Manasa Tharun & Tarun Shivappa and here music is composed by Arjun Janya, the cinematography by Guruprashanthi Rai and edited by K. M. Prakash.

Ananthu vs Nusrath

Ananthu vs Nusrath is a comedy Kannada film screenplay, written as well as directed by Sudheer Shanbhogue while produced by B. N. Sathish, B. T. Chandrashekar, & H. S. Suresh. The films feature Vinay Rajkumar, Latha Hegde, & P. Ravishankar. The music is provided by Sunaad Gowtham, the cinematography by Abhishek G. Kasargod, and edited by Niranjan Devaramane.

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