Kannada Movies Releasing in April 2019

Kannada Movies Releasing in April 2019


Kavacha is an Indian Kannada crime, thriller movie, which is the remake of Malayalam movie Oppam. The story revolves around an unfortunate young girl becomes the target of a vengeful serial killer who is on the loose. The only person standing between the killer and the girl is a visually challenged man who has vowed to protect her at any cost. Click here for Kavacha Full Movie Download

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99 movie is a remake of Tamil movie 96. In fact, in this movie, you will find Ganesh and Bhavana playing the lead character. This movie talks about how people tend to react when they meet their childhood friends and how they react when they meet someone whom they loved from childhood. This, in fact, is a movie worth watching and here you will find details about 99 Full movie download legally.