Duniya Vijay’s Salaga Movie Teaser and Release Date


Salaga is an upcoming Kannada movie that stars Duniya Vijay, Sanjana Anand, Nagabhushan, and Dhananjay as the lead actor of this film. The film produced by KP Srikanth and directed by Duniya Vijay.  The fans are very much have excited about this movie. They are curiously wanting to know when the Salaga Movie Released Date.

Salaga Teaser


Since the Black Cobra of the Kannada movie industry is denoting his presentation as director there is an exclusive standard of the film by his fans. The film has produced by KP Srikanth and stars Sanjana Anand as a lead actress. Strangely, Dhananjay of Dolly’s popularity can also see playing the role of a police officer in the film. The first time combination of Vijay and Dhananjay has effectively made interest among the audience. Actor Duniya Vijay at first began his acting profession by playing small villain roles in some Kannada films. He made his presentation as a lead actor with Duniya directed by Soori. The film was a big success at the box office and displayed the acting talent of Vijay. He has even gotten the best actor award for his job. The actor then, at that point became famous as Duniya Vijay.

 Movie Information

Duniya Vijay’s first time at the helm, Salaga will at last hit the theatres. As the makers announce the film’s release date through social media. Salaga Movie will advance onto the big screen on the 20th of August, on the auspicious occasion of the Varamahalakhsmi celebration, and captivate an excitedly holding up audience. The film actors are Duniya Vijay, Dhananjaya, and Sanjana Anand leading the pack with K.P. Sreekanth filling in as its producer.

Having been slated to release on an alternate date previously. The makers needed to persevere through an extensive considerable delay due to the pandemic and the subsequent change in theatrical occupancy guidelines. The group likewise decided to not take the OTT course yet rather settled on enduring. It so as the guarantee a bonafide theatrical release. With the authority declaration at last made, one can expect everybody engaged with the film. Particularly the partners, to have discovered some good relief.

Salaga has been pitched as a big-ticket release from the beginning. With Duniya Vijay turning director for the absolute first time in his career, the expectation surrounding the film has been huge. The soundtrack of the film, composed by Charan Raj, too intensified the fervor. Every one of the melodies from the film proceeded to turn out to become very popular on the internet.

Release Date

Post the break, which came about because of the second influx of the pandemic. Many Kannada films are cgradually finding suitable release slots in any attempt to salvage this period before things get any worse. The public authority has as of late taking into account film corridors to resumed, though with half inhabitance. The business will unquestionably want to recover a portion of its lost momenta in the coming weeks. The Shiva Rajkumar starrer Bhajarangi 2, a comparative case as Salaga is at long last releasing on September 10th.

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